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The Guanting River Basin


As well known, the Yongding river basin is the largest sub-catchment inside of Hai River watershed, river begins from Shanxi province, small part from Mongolia Municipality as well as Beijing Municipality flows through Shanxi, Hebei and Beijing into the sea. Due to the geological morphological situation, the increased continue dry period in response to globe change, rapid economic development in recent years as well as increase of population in basin, the water conflicts is becoming more and more serious. Under the “planning economy” in the past, the central government had the power to impose taking measures to compromise the water conflict although the efficiency of measures could not take for long time. But, with the opening of the market and economic competition opening up and marketing economy, the oppressive conflict between economic development upstream and the water shortage-pollution downstream has been broken out powerfully. In conclusion, more and more large or small reservoirs were built along Yongding river to store water for different purposes; the untreated wastewater is discharged into river so that the biodiversity of the river is getting lost. The most important reservoir, Guanting, had to get off the drinking water functions for the capital city Beijing.
The Guanting River basin is confronted with two main problems of water resources management in the relevant catchments:
(1)    the increasing shortage of available water resources due to increasing water demand and, perhaps decreasing water resources, and
(2)    its qualitative status due to rural and urban development.
These problems pose serious barriers for sustainable development and social welfare in the northern region in general and in the capital Beijing as well.

(source: Wechsung, project proposal)

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