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Water authorities

The „Plan of Beijing’s Water Resources Sustainable Utilization in the early 21st Century” was devised to provide an engaging planning basis in order to guarantee a sustainable water management for Beijing. It is aimed to stabilize the water quality of the Miyun reservoir and to improve that of the Guanting reservoir. 

The Hai River Management Committee (HRMC) is entitled to regulate basin wide water conflicts in the Hai river watershed, which includes the Guanting basin.

The HRMC connects and guides the provincial water resources bureaus. Each provincial water resources bureau is in charge of the water resources management within its administrative boarders. The groundwater management inside cities is one exception. Here the provincial construction department is responsible. The HRMC has been recently played a significant role in managing the serious lack of water resources downstream of the Guanting reservoir by using upstream water from the Chetian reservoir.

For land use planning, the National Land Resources Management Ministry is the highest administrative level in China. The Provincial Land Management Bureau and the City Management Bureau follow at the second and third level, respectively.

In the Guanting watershed, the land use plans of Datong city, Shuozhou city in Shanxi province, of Zhangjiakou city in Hebei Province as well as of Yanqing county in Beijing directly influence the water resources in the basin.

Beside these administrative levels, the water household is influenced by the self decisions of individual actors. These are farmers at the rural site and industrial companies in the urbane areas.

Water quality is monitored in different water resources bureaus by specialised units and by environmental monitoring bureaus.

Because of the water conflict and complex management structure, the Guanting watershed integrated management is always in question.

(source: Wechsung, project proposal)

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