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Water conflicts

Water conflicts exist between regions and sectors. The typical upstream-downstream conflicts in respect to water quality and quantity requests are mixed up with conflicts between different sectors mainly mining, industry and agriculture. 

Regional conflicts can be observed before the Guanting dam along the tributary rivers to the Guanting reservoir and between the users up and downstream the dam. The major downstream user of the reservoir water is the city Beijing.  Major upstream users are mining industry, primary sector industries, agriculture and the major settlements. The conflict evaluation needs to take into account a diverse spectrum of interest for water supply. For finding a compromise, monetary criteria as production value per unit water or the price and willingness to pay for water can be helpful.  However, monetary criteria reflect more a current frame of site condition as future evaluation of interest. Furthermore the market mechanism for water pricing act in combination with administrative measures which set priorities for the water supply of the capital, the supply security of agricultural goods, the improvement of living standard and the industrial development.

(source: Wechsung, project proposal)

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