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The Guanting Project

The core research question of the scenario exercise suggested for the Guanting watershed is:

How can the land use and especially agricultural pressures on the state of the water resources in the Guanting watershed be adjusted to guarantee availability of water of sufficient quality for the water user in the watershed and for the capital Beijing considering the limits set by climatic, environmental and economic needs and constraints in a sustainable way?

Methods and model systems for handling the described resource conflicts are available to clearly identify the conflicts and to develop measures for addressing them. Model application can be embedded in a heuristic framework, which starts with the current conflicts, explores their future prospective of major external drivers triggered by global change, investigates the impacts of regional scenarios for global change, and looks for adaptation strategies.

The project  focus on the Guanting watershed, structured in sub-basins with different hydro-morphology and socio-economy. The Guanting reservoir itself and its embankment, and the Yongding river (and its catchment) between the reservoir and Beijing will be not considered in detail. Solutions for the Guanting reservoir itself and the lower river course have been done and are subjects of other projects, respectively.
The focus on the Guanting watershed demands for special attention on land use specific and especially agriculture related problems, for example fertilizer application regimes, diffuse source pollution, irrigation management.

Project duration: June 2009 until November 2012

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